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Child Support Agency Customer Contact Number | 0843 902 1820

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Child Support Agency Customer Care Helpline Number

Child Support Agency 

Child Support Agency is a governmental benefit provided from the Department for Work and Pensions in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is designed in order to provide a financial support to parents who are separated with their partner to cover some of the child everyday living costs. In case you and your ex-partner can agree on child maintenance rate by yourself this is called a “family-based agreement”. This is a private-way to manage your child maintenance without involving third parties into the process. The family based agreement implies that the parents arrange everything themselves. If you need to speak with an experiences adviser about your child maintenance options, call the customer care helpline on 0843 902 1820.

In case you can’t agree…

The Child Maintenance Service comes handy when the parents can’t agree to a specific amount of money that the non-living parent will pay to the carer. You can call the Child Support Agency customer care helpline on 0843 902 1820 and ask for advice how to apply to the Child Maintenance Service. If you have disagreements about parentage, review the payment amount yearly, take action if the payment are not made or find where the other parent live or any other sort of issues related to this matter you can call Child Maintenance Service on 0843 902 1820 and an adviser would be happy to help you with your query.


To be eligible to apply for Child Support Agency benefit you have to be parent of a child who is either:

  • under 16 years old
  • under 20 years old and in full-time education * not higher than A levels
  • under 20 and living with a parent who has registered for Child Benefit

For further information with regards to eligibility, please call the customer service helpline on 0843 902 1820.

Who can’t apply for Child Support Agency benefit

You cannot apply if the carer and child live outside the United Kingdom. might from send some free promotional SMS Messages occasionally. If you wish to restrict them from doing so, you could always call the service off by calling the Service directory. are prompt to keep their information accurate, however, if you find some information missing or needs to added, or if you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to call this website. The contact details could be found in the customer service page.

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