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ESA customer service contact number


ESA or Employment and Support Allowance’s offer includes the following aspects, which consider only disabled or ill people:

If you are unable to work ESA provides you with financial support and if you are able to work, they provide you with personalised help in order to help you to work. ESA Customer Service Department will kindly answer questions according the claim format, eligibility, your current circumstances and more, for a direct correspondence with them, please call the number provided by on 0843 902 1844.

You are able to apply for ESA whether or not you are unemployed, self-employed or employed.

If you are claiming benefits such as Incapacity Benefit or Income support, you might be automatically transferred to the Employment and Support Allowance. Call the telephone number for ESA Customer Care Services now for assistance, 0843 902 1844.

Your ESA claim will be assessed through Work Capability Assessment, in order to prove and declare the exact level of disability or illness you have got and to what extent  it affect your working ability.


What will you get?

Through ESA you will receive work-related transport and financial support. Normally you will get assessment rate for a period long 13 weeks, after the claiming. The assessment rate is as stated:

If you are aged under 25, you will receive up to £57.35 weekly.

If your age is 25 or above, you will be paid up to £72.40 weekly.

Afterwards, if you proved you are entitled to ESA, you are going to be put in one of the two groups and you will receive:

If you are in the work-related support group, you will be entitled to up to £101.15 per week.

And if you are in the financial support group you will receive up to £108.15 weekly.

For further information about ESA and what they have to offer call the ESA customer service department now using the number, on 0843 902 1844. might from send some free promotional SMS Messages occasionally. If you wish to restrict them from doing so, you could always call the service off by calling the Customer Service directory. are prompt to keep their information accurate, however, if you find some information missing or needs to added, or if you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to call this website. The contact details could be found in the customer service page.

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