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Passport Office Telephone Helpline About HM UK Passport Office

HM Passport Office is part of Home Office and the only institution in UK responsible for issuing passports and responsible for civil registration services. It was established in 2006 it keep track of each and every passport operation made in UK. The role of HM Passport Office is to issue passports to British citizens in UK or abroad. Moreover, HM Passport Office works in conjunction with General Register Office to oversee civil registration in England and Wales.

Its prior name was Identity and Passport Service but from 2006 it was renamed as to –  Her Majesty Passport Office.

If you need a passport replacement, your passport has been lost or stolen, or for any other enquiries, please make sure you contact HM Passport Office on  0843 504 1767.

How long it takes

It usually takes 3 weeks to get hold of your new passport. If you are interested in using a faster service, please call HM Passport office telephone number on 0843 504 1767 for more detailed information.


When you are applying for a passport you have to make sure you are covering all the criteria in order for the HM Passport Office to process your application. Make sure you send 2 identical new photos of you, along with your application. We would advise you to use professional services to make sure the photos are credible and pass the criteria of the HM Passport Office. If you have send the wrong photos, please make sure you contact HM Passport Office number on 0843 504 1767 and provide them with the correct details of your application. might from send some free promotional SMS Messages occasionally. If you wish to restrict them from doing so, you could always call the service off by calling the Service directory. are prompt to keep their information accurate, however, if you find some information missing or needs to added, or if you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to call this website. The contact details could be found in the customer service page.

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