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scottish power customer service contact number

Scottish Power

Scottish Power is an energy provider, vertically integrated company, which headquarters are based in Glasgow, Scotland. Scottish Power is the network operator which distributes through southern and central Scotland, North Wales and Merseyside. Scottish Power owns the Transmission for south of Scotland. The provider supplies gas and electricity to businesses and households across the UK as well. Scottish Power is also the proud owner of the PPM Energy in the USA.Scottish Power Customer Service Department will kindly answer questions according your gas and electricity supply, the terms and conditions, switching to Scottish Power and more, for a direct correspondence with them, please call the number provided by on 0843 902 1831.



Scottish Power’s offerings

Dual Fuel

This offers include both Gas & Electricity. The range includes:

  • Online prices (fixed) which are guaranteed not to be changes up to 31/07/2015. Annually the cost is£1,075.87.
  • The other plan is dedicated to help the Cancer Research in the UK, where you pay up to £5 per fuel yearly, as it remains the donation on the tariff. The prices are guaranteed to be £1,163.10 per year.
  • The last one is for the Standard Products which cover your Domestic Usage. The prices here might vary due to the period of the agreement for supply. The price is£1,199.12 yearly.

Call the telephone number for Scottish Power Customer Care Services now for assistance, 0843 902 1831.



  • The online price (fixed and guaranteed) for Electricity provided by Scottish Power is£495.95 yearly
  • As the Dual Fuel, Electricity bill could also help the Cancer Research in the UK by donating the maximum of £5 on the tariff, annually until the end of the first term. The guaranteed fixed price is£531.34 per year.
  • The standard rate which covers the domestic usage is £549.35 yearly, but please note that the prices might vary depending on the period of the agreement.


  • The fixed and guaranteed online price for gas is£590.42 per year.
  • The price with the donation to Cancer Research UK will remain a part of the tariff and up to £5 yearly. The fixed and guaranteed price will be£642.27 yearly.
  • The standard domestic usage product is£660.27 annually, but the prices might vary due to the duration of the agreement.

For further information about Scottish Power and what they have to offer call the Scottish Power customer service department now using the number, on 0843 902 1831. might from send some free promotional SMS Messages occasionally. If you wish to restrict them from doing so, you could always call the service off by calling the Customer Service directory. are prompt to keep their information accurate, however, if you find some information missing or needs to added, or if you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to call this website. The contact details could be found in the customer service page.

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