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TV Licensing

The TV Licensing Company informs people if they must purchase a TV licence. They also send letters for renewal and process with applications, payments or queries. Another one of their services is to maintain database of the addresses in the UK that have been licenced or unlicensed, in order to update the technology usage and to identify and go to people who might have been using a TV without the validation of licence.TV Licensing Customer Service Department will kindly answer questions according whether or not you need a TV Licence, your validation period, current licence and more, for a direct correspondence with them, please call the number provided by on 0843 902 1807.


In order to watch TV freely and/or to record shows on its broadcast, you must be covered by TV Licence. The same terms apply if you use other devices like laptop, computer, mobile device or video recorder. The cost of one year term TV Licence is £145.50 for colour TV and £49.00 for black and white one.

Call the telephone number for TV Licensing Customer Care Services now for assistance, 0843 902 1807.


Payment Methods

  • Direct Debit

The easiest way to pay all at once is to use the Direct Debit, this way your TV Licence will be automatically renewed each and every year. The TV Licensing Company accepts all kinds of credit and debit cards, and if you wish you could pay for each year separately.

  • Quarterly

If you prefer you could spread the payments of the TV Licence to four payments throughout a year. Than you must use the Quarterly Direct Debit which suits you and the licence will be renewed automatically as well. There is additional charge, however, if you are currently using the licence while paying it, it is £1.25 for each payment.

  • Monthly

The Monthly Direct Debit is one of the most commonly chosen options, it gives you control over the smaller month payments and it has the options of automatic and renewal payments. The first TV Licence is usually paid within the first half of the year and is about £24 per month. And the following payments for the next TV Licence will be about £12 monthly.

  • Weekly

You have the option of weekly payments where the cost of your TV Licence will be spread throughout 26 weeks for your first licence and afterwards you could switch to fortnightly instalments.  For this options you could use the pay online service, any PayPoint outlets or phone and text message payments – whatever is most convenient to you.

For further information about TV Licensing and what they have to offer call the TV Licensing customer service department now using the number, on 0843 902 1807. might from send some free promotional SMS Messages occasionally. If you wish to restrict them from doing so, you could always call the service off by calling the Customer Service directory. are prompt to keep their information accurate, however, if you find some information missing or needs to added, or if you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to call this website. The contact details could be found in the customer service page.

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