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Vodafone Group is a multinational telecommunications company with headquarters in London, UK. It is one of the leading companies in the field with over 430M subscribers.

The Vodafone network operated in more than 20 countries and partners with networks in more than 40 different countries. Vodafone clients are spread in more than 65 countries and they benefit from the provision of IT and telecommunications services.


Vodafone Services

With Vodafone you could keep the mobile phone you own and get just a SIM card, with a deal that benefits you with good quality of calls, data and texts.

Vodafone Customer Service Department will kindly answer questions according Vodafone services, mobile data, change of plan, becoming a client and more, for a direct correspondence with them, please call the number provided by customercontactnumbers.co.uk on 0843 902 1886.

The contracts are flexible, so that you do not have to feel completely obligated. You could choose from 30-day plan to a yearlong one. However, you will not be stuck to it.

Vodafone will provide the SIM card in all of the variations – standard, nano- or micro-, in order you to enjoy the plan you have chosen to the fullest on your own phone, using the reliable Vodafone network.

4G Service

Vodafone offers 4G plans which will be set for you when Vodafone switches to the superfast 4G network in the area you are in. All of the abovementioned is available if you own a 4G device.

Call the customercontactnumbers.co.uk telephone number for Vodafone Customer Care Services now for assistance, 0843 902 1886.


As part of the service you could enjoy watching your favourite sports and TV shows through Sky Sports Mobile or listen to your favourite tracks from Spotify, both services are included. You could also benefit from Vodafone’s double standard mobile UK data.  For further information about Vodafone and what they have to offer call the Vodafone customer service department now using the customercontactnumbers.co.uk number, on 0843 902 1886.


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