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Wonga Customer Contact Number | 0843 902 1819


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Wonga Loans Customer Care Number


Wonga is a British digital finance company based in London. The company is offering short term credit to consumers and business with a representative APR of 5853%. The Wonga Group of which Wonga is part of operates in UK, South Africa, Canada and Poland. Wonga is claiming to be the first company which uses automated risk processing technology in order to unsecured personal loans online. Wonga customers can take a credit using Wonga’s website or simply download the Wonga’s app and use their mobile phone or tablet. If you want to receive more details about the services that Wonga is offering, please do call their customer service line on 0843 902 1819.

Wonga’s Loans

The company is claiming its services are simple, flexible and transparent. The automated real-time risk technology allows the company to process thousands of applications and make decisions based on previous data about the applicant. Once your application has been approved, the money are send straight to your bank account within 5 minutes. If you are facing problems with your application or you are not sure how to approach us, please call Wonga’s customer service line on 0843 902 1819.


At Wonga, we are dedicated to provide you with the best service possible. We are approving thousands of loans yearly and helping out our customers when they need us. It is important to highlight that we offer loans with completely transparent charges. Our customers know exactly what how much they need to repay and when. For further information about Wonga and what they have to offer call the Wonga customer service department now using the customercontactnumbers.co.uk number, on 0843 902 1819.

What if you don’t repay on time:

Bear in mind that if you do not repay on time it will be applied £20 missed payment fee. Also, we may contact with credit reference agency, meaning missing your repayment could affect your credit rating in the future. In addition to that, if you continuously miss you payments your next credit with us may be more expensive. Wonga’s Customer Service Department will kindly answer questions according to your credit score and missed payment and more, for a direct correspondence with them, please call the number provided by customercontactnumbers.co.uk on 0843 902 1819.

To be eligible for a loan you must be:

  • A UK resident
  • Over 18 years old
  • A bank account holder
  • A mobile phone owner

Call the customercontactnumbers.co.uk telephone number for Wonga Customer Care Services now for assistance, 0843 902 1819.


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